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Ultra-High Purity Pharma grade CBD isolate

-Ultra-high purity pharma grade CBD isolate
-0 THC


What we do



Solvent extract process which is ecofriendly; purified single compound; precise control of content added.


99.98% Ultra-High Purity Pharmaceutical Grade CBD

Wholesale CBD product range includes CBD full spectrum oils, CBD distillates, CBD isolates, CBD oil, and CBDV.


High-Quality CBD Ingredient Inputs

Inputs allow you to create flexible finished goods for food and natural health products.



Private Label Services


We provide top-quality white label and contract manufacturing services. We offer a wide range of safe, tested, and compliant CBD products ready for retail branding and distribution.

About Hemp Valley

We provide novel hemp-derived cannabinoid ingredients in a constant and sustainable supply.
We are changers and industry team with deep experience in cannabinoids and related products. Whether purchased in bulk or finished products tinctures, gummies, soft gels, hard capsules, topical lotions and vapes. Hemp Valley delivers perfection.
Discover possibilities for your demand by connection close, we understand our specifications and performance which leads to success.
Our R&D team with years of experience in developing world-class pharmaceutical grade CBD bulk products, and turn innovation into industrialization. Patented CBD technology and outstanding formulation services offer one-stop solution for white label wholesale.

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Qualification and Certificates

Industry Leading Partnerships

The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) is the highest comprehensive scientific research institution in china.

Shanghai Insititute of pharmaceutical Industry is a leading healthcare and pharmaceutical industrialization company in china.